Lufthansa and Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) have scheduled a meeting for this coming Thursday.  The meeting is not an official negotiation session. However, both sides will use the time to create a framework for future negotiations.

After the crippling 3 day strike last week, I suspect emotions are running a bit high on both sides so hopefully they’ll use tomorrow’s meeting constructively and reboot their efforts.

If things go well tomorrow perhaps we’ll be fortunate enough to see the threat of strikes disappear. If not, it will be back to square one and the threat of more strikes.

If your plans involve Easter Weekend travel, you have little to worry about as the Union has said all along that they will not strike during the Holiday.

Here is an interesting piece from the Guardian that sums up the attitude of both sides. Including the public’s and even Lufthansa’s own employees frustration with all of this.