Lufthansa is in the Oktoberfest spirit and will be bringing the celebration to passengers traveling on long haul Lufthansa flights during September and to their lounges in Munich.

The highlight of the celebration will be when special Lufthansa “Trachten” cabin crew teams dress in traditional Bavarian costumes for certain flights operating from Munich to New York, Chicago and Tokyo.

On September 18, passengers flying from Munich to New York will experience the festive look of the flight crew.   Then on September 24 passengers flying from Munich to Chicago will have their chance and then on May 30 passengers traveling from Munich to Tokyo will see the flight crew dressed in their Oktoberfest best.

Lufthansa's Oktoberfest crew

Lufthansa’s cabin crew in their Oktoberfest attire.


Lufthansa Trachten Crew

Welcome Aboard!


Additionally, Business Class passengers traveling on long haul flights from Munich, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt will have the opportunity to sample authentic Bavarian cuisine.  During this time, Lufthansa has changed its inflight dining menu to reflect traditional fare usually experienced during Oktoberfest including landjager and radi (cold smoked sausage and radish), tafelspitz (boiled beef), trout, obazda (a spicy cheese) and knowdel with schwammerl (dumplings with mushrooms).

The lounges in Munich will also join in the celebration and will offer authentic Bavarian items during September.   Senator Lounge visitors will enjoy a variety of unique Bavarian cold platters and pretzels while First Class passengers will be treated to specialities such as duck and sugared pancakes.

For those of you traveling in First Class, you will be able to collect your special edition Bavarian Duck (just make a left at the Cigar Room and go to the reception area by the Spa and ask for yours!).   Male and female versions will be available:


Lufthansa's First Class Oktoberfest Ducks

The Bavarian style ducks are only available in Munich during Oktoberfest