Starting January 1, Lufthansa will offer Personal Assitants to help HON Circle Members and First Class Passengers who fly to certain Lufthansa destinations world-wide. These assistants will meet passengers at their plane upon arrival and help escort them through immigration and passport control, baggage claim AND accompany them to their connecting gate should the passenger have onward travel.

To a large extent, similar benefits are already in place for HON Circle members in most markets, however it seems that they are standardizing the program and expanding it to include First Class passengers.

The program will be available at most non-European destinations where Lufthansa has scheduled flights. Additionally, a HON Circle member DOES NOT need to be flying in any specific cabin class to have the Personal Assistant help them when they arrive. Keep in mind that this program only applies to Lufthansa operated flights.

I really welcome this program since it adds that personal touch to a travel experience. Many times when I left a Lufthansa flight after flying in First, the abrupt shock of being in an airport without priority services was sometimes a bit harsh. This helps make up for it very nicely!

Though the program is set to begin January 1, it may take the entire month of January to have the Personal Assistants in place throughout the network. Also, due to the sheer volume of traffic, Personal Assistants WILL NOT be available in Frankfurt or Munich. But honestly, the First Class Lounges and First Class Terminal quickly makes up for that!