The fare sale for travel between the USA and India is set to expire on March 17 and fares will be poised to increase $200-400 from their current rate.   In looking through all the flight options, the best deal is for travel between Washington DC (IAD)  and Mumbai where you can find fares for under $900.

In fact, Washington DC is the lowest priced US gateway for travel to all of Lufthansa’s India destinations during this promotion.   Looking at competitor pricing, its apparent there is a minor ‘fare-war’ from Washington to India.

Other US gateways offer competitive pricing with East Coast departures running in the very low $1000 area while West Coast departures start in the mid $1300 range.


The details of the fare sale are as follows:

  • Departures must take place between March 29 and May 12, 2014.
  • Return travel must take place between March 30 and May 13, 2014.
  • Tickets must be purchased 14 days prior to departure.


Please be mindful of 2 things when booking this fare.  One, this is a discount economy fare so you may not earn full mileage credit towards your Frequent Flyer Program.  Please check for those details with your program!  If in doubt, send me an email and I can help you sort it out. Second,  some of the flight options may involve flights operated by United or SWISS.  If you want to experience LH’s hospitality, make sure you pay attention to your flight options when booking.

My 2 cents??  I would fly from Washington DC not only because of the low fare, but also because you’ll have an opportunity to experience the Boeing 747-8i that serves on the route.  In addition to ‘IAD’, you can also find the 747-8i flying from Chicago and Los Angeles.