Beginning today, Lufthansa will increase the amount of codeshare flights that are operated by United.  Codesharing by its definition allows for 2 airlines to streamline the reservation process by allowing a smoother way for airlines to book their passengers on flights operated by a ‘codeshare partner’.    Currently there are dozens of codeshare flights operated by Lufthansa and United for each other and this list acts as an update.

I’ve been keeping a list of codeshare flight numbers available on my site so that passengers who use Lufthansa’s  ‘Blue Legends’ app can readily receive credit for checking in on a flight operated by United which has a Lufthansa codeshare flight number associated with it.

Here are the new routes that will have codeshare flight numbers.   I’ll be receiving the actual list of codeshare flight numbers from LH by Monday or Tuesday  and will update my ‘Blue Legends’ page to reflected these additions.

Chicago – Albuquerque
Chicago – Aspen
Chicago – Greenville
Chicago – Hunstville
Chicago – Jackson Hole
Chicago – Jackson MS        

Denver – Austin
Denver – El Paso
Denver – Eugene
Denver – Fresno
Denver – Grand Junction
Denver – Kona
Denver – Lincoln
Denver – Monterey
Denver – Omaha
Denver – Palm Springs
Denver – Santa Barbara

Houston – Dallas/Ft. Worth
Houston – Killeen
Houston – Little Rock
Houston – Memphis
Houston – Munich
Houston – Ontario
Houston – Orange County
Houston – Valparaiso

Los Angeles – Fresno
Los Angeles – Kona
Los Angeles – Monterey
Los Angeles – Phoenix
Los Angeles – Tucson

Newark – Des Moines
Newark – Grand Rapids
Newark – Hartford
Newark – Honolulu
Newark – Madison
Newark – Milwaukee
Newark – Omaha

San Francisco – Kona
San Francisco – Orange County

Washington Dulles – Albany NY
Washington Dulles – Buffalo
Washington Dulles – Cleveland
Washington Dulles – Colorado Springs
Washington Dulles – Columbus OH
Washington Dulles – Cincinnati
Washington Dulles – Dallas/Ft. Worth
Washington Dulles – Greensboro
Washington Dulles – Greenville
Washington Dulles – Indianapolis