Over the past few weeks, there has been a flurry of deals to places like Copenhagen and other northern European destinations for winter travel on LUFTHANSA and other Star Alliance members.. Most of the these deals have been for travel originating from the East Coast of the USA, primarily NYC and Washington DC.

Last night, as I was scouring the ‘Matrix’ and Google Flights I found that Oslo is  getting attention from Lufthansa and United with attractive fares for November/December travel. In many cases, you can fly between Newark and Oslo for $530-$560 and there’s even a non-stop United option that is available for a bit of convenience.

These low fares are available for trips as short as 2 days to trips taking 3+ weeks and everything in between.    For trips that are 2-3 days long, the best fare inventory that I could find was for Friday departures.   If you’re planning on a longer trip, look for Tuesday and Thursday departures from the USA as they are yielding the best fares.   Leaving on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday brought fares up to $800+.

Yes it may be Winter in Oslo as far as these fares are concerned, but that shouldn’t preclude you from taking advantage of the deal! 🙂