Earlier today, Lufthansa provided an update concerning the retrofit and roll out of the new Business Class cabins on their long haul aircraft.

To date, 44 out of 100 aircraft now feature the new Business Class interior. Out of the 44, 19 were delivered with the new cabin while 25 have thus far been retrofitted by Lufthansa Technik.

Following is a breakdown by each aircraft type and tail number:


Delivered with new cabin: D-AIKP, D-AIKQ, D-AIKR, D-AIKS
Retrofit of existing aircraft: D-AIKD, D-AIKE, D-AIKG, D-AIKH, D-AIKI, D-AIKM, D-AIKN.


Retrofit of existing aircraft: D-AIFC, D-AIFE, D-AIGL, D-AIGM, D-AIGN, D-AIGO, D-AIGS, D-AIGT, D-AIGV, D-AIGX, D-AIGZ.


Retrofit of existing aircraft: D-AIHE, D-AIHN, D-AIHQ, D-AIHR, D-AIHS.


Delivered with new cabin: D-AIMK, D-AIML.
Retrofit of existing aircraft: D-AIMB, D-AIME.

Boeing 747-400:

The first 747-400 is currently undergoing a retrofit to a 2 class configuration that will feature the new Business Class and standard economy class.

Boeing 747-8i:

All aircraft are furnished with the new Business Class cabin.