If you haven’t heard, LUFTHANSA has launched a great marketing blitz in Chicago to celebrate the beginning of 747-8i service.

With this major upgrade in aircraft serving ORD, Lufthansa decided to expand on the “UPGRADE” concept by randomly awarding upgrades on products, services and events throughout Chicago between November 11 and 17.

This week-long blitz will target everyone in Chicago and will award upgrades to what people are already doing.   For example,  if you go to a Blackhawk or Bears game, you may be chosen to receive an upgrade to a better seat.   If you are hailing a cab, you might get upgraded to a limo to take you to your destination.    You might check into your favorite hotel only to find yourself receiving an upgrade to a suite courtesy of LH.    You may show up at your favorite restaurant, only to be upgraded to a Chef’s table…..You might even win an upgrade to a bigger cup of coffee while you stand in line at your favorite coffee shop.

You’ll be able to spot potential upgrade locations by looking for Lufthansa staff dressed in cabin crew attire.  If  you see them, you might want to stand in line and see if they pick you!  Lucky winners will receive a voucher similar to the one below that will contain the details of your upgrade:


boarding pass


Lufthansa has kept the event a tightly guarded secret so I can’t offer too much more info on times, locations and types of events that Lufthansa will upgrade this week.   However, if you are in Chicago this week keep your head on a swivel and look around because you might be one of the lucky winners of a great upgrade!

Let me know if you win something!