Scouring a few fare search engines tonight,  I found that LH is still offering $900 fares between the East Coast of the US and Johannesburg, South Africa.

I first wrote about this back in February, but 3 months later the fares are still widely available for November travel from Boston, Washington DC and Newark. In addition Business Fares are still only in the $5000 range for the same period!

The fare sale seems to go beyond just LH as the operating carrier.  You’ll find similar fares for flights operated by United, South African and Air Canada, but I think you can guess who I would recommend you fly should you be interested in booking this deal!

There are no apparent minimum days/stays required as I was able to find the $900 fares for 2 and 3 day trips.   The absolute best fares are found for departures taking place between Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Keep in mind that these are deep discount economy fares, so the miles that you will earn for your FF program can vary dramatically.  In some cases you may earn 0 miles!

However, if you are planning a Safari trip for the peak Safari season in South Africa, these fares will be hard to beat!


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