What can I say, I am a sucker for having contests!

We’re having such great interest in the “Hong Kong Mileage Run” contest that I have decided to start another contest. LUFTHANSAFLYER.COM’s Airline Photo Contest will last through the end of this year and will have a WEEKLY WINNER along with an overall CONTEST CHAMPIONSHIP WINNER!

Why an Airline Photo Contest?

One of my absolute favorite things to do while traveling is Plane Spotting. For those unfamiliar with the term, it basically means looking at airplanes at airports or in the air and taking a picture of them. Being that I am only one person, I don’t have the time to go to every major airport around the World to look at airlines as often as I would like. I’m working on it, but there are a lot of airports I have not yet visited. In a good year, I get to go somewhere far and fun 6 to 8 times, the rest of the time I’m stuck in a small city, with a very boring airport (where the biggest plane tends to be an Airbus A320, and only 2 of those come in each day). I thought to have this contest so that everyone can share their best Airline Photos from around the world and have a chance to win something for it!

How the contest will work:

1. Photo entries should be emailed to LufthansaFlyer.Com (please keep file sizes to under 500k). Please include the location where the photo was taken, and an approximate date.
2. Each week’s deadline for entries is Midnight Saturday in my timezone (US Eastern Standard Time). Sundays at 12:00a start a new week for the contest.
3. The Winner will be announced on this site by Midnight Sunday and the winner will be contacted directly as well.
4. The weekly prize will be a $15.00 Apple I-Tunes Electronic Gift Certificate. For those of you not using an American based I-Tunes site, don’t worry, you will be eligible to receive and use the Gift Certificate. There’s just an extra step that needs to takes place.
5. Each WEEKLY WINNER will qualify for the CONTEST CHAMPIONSHIP. I’ll take all the weekly winners, then pick 1 Winner from that group. That means that there will be 6 weekly winners that will then compete for the Grand Prize, a $50 I-tunes Electronic Gift Certificate.

Fine print items:

1. The picture needs to be yours. Not professonal images that are from google searches, airline website galleries or from sites such as Airliners.Net or JetPhotos.net unless you can PROVE they are yours.
2. The picture has to be of an airline’s exterior and have the majority of the plane in the picture.
3. You can only enter 2 images a week.
4. You can win multiple times over the 6 weeks.
5. I will be the sole judge of all entries, and my decision will be final.

As I start to receive pictures, I’ll create a separate gallery for each week so that everyone can see each other’s photos. I’ll update the gallery each night, so please check back often to see everyone’s efforts. As long as there is room, I’ll keep expanding the gallery so that all the photos can be displayed. I’m hoping that we get a lot of people involved so that we can enjoy each other’s best airline photos. So feel free to share this with your friends on twitter, facebook, etc. etc.

Good Luck and Start Sending In Your Pictures!