Normally, doesn’t have too many of those “Give Away” type posts since I’d rather focus on relevant content, but in this case I’ll make a rare exception.

I have available 2 vouchers to the Liquidrom Spa in Berlin, Germany. The vouchers are valid for 4 hours of Spa use and can be redeemed at anytime. I for one am not the “spa type” so I’d rather see these vouchers go to someone who can use them versus sitting around and not being utilized.

Entry is easy, simply leave a comment to this post below and that will qualify as your entry (one per person only). I’ll pick the winner on August 6 at midnight (US Eastern Time) and forward the vouchers once I make contact with the winner.

So if you are reading this from Berlin and would like to pamper yourself, friend or loved one for a few hours or are going to be in Berlin on future travels, please take advantage of this opportunity!

Please use this LINK to visit the Liquidrom Spa Website and GOOD LUCK!

The vouchers do not have an expiry date, so there’s no rush to redeem them if you are not going to be in Berlin right away.