Earlier today via a press release, Lufthansa provided an update to it’s “BALANCE” initiatives that included news about a new record that Lufthansa set as far as fuel efficiency of their fleet.

According to the press release, Lufthansa was able to reduce fuel consumption to 1.104 gallons per 100-passenger kilometers. In other words, it took Lufthansa 1.104 gallons to carry 1 passenger 100 kilometers. Impressive if you consider what is involved.

The annual BALANCE report is designed to report on Lufthansa’s corporate stewardship as far as environmental responsibility, fleet management, economic sustainability, workplace diversity and corporate citizenship are concerned for the previous year.

The 110 page report is full of information on all segments of the Lufthansa Group and is actually a very worthwhile read. Especially worthwhile if you want to learn more about what the Lufthansa Group is doing behind the scenes as we fly on their aircraft. To down a .PDF copy of the report, please click HERE.