On Friday June 1, ahead of “Brandy’s” first scheduled flight between Frankfurt and Washington DC, I staked out a great spot on the Observation Deck located in Terminal 2 at Frankfurt. Rather than battling long queues at passport control to catch the send-off at the gate, I figured I’d rather see the plane taxi and get it’s Water Cannon “Christening”. As luck would have it, the flight departed from the C concourse which gave me a great vantage point to watch push back, taxi and takeoff. Below are some of my favorite photos from among the 300 I took from observation area. Also, at the bottom of this post you’ll find two videos. One is her taxi and water cannon salute and the other is her takeoff roll. Apologies for the videos as they are a bit shaky. It was a bit breezy and I also had my zoom fully extended which exaggerated the shake. Or maybe it was just nervous energy and adrenaline!


Pushback from Gate (C Concourse at Frankfurt)

Pushback Complete

Final Preparations For Taxi

Taxiing Under Her Own Power

Shortly After Water Cannon Christening

Next For Takeoff

Waiting For Runway

Changing Of The Guard......A 747-400 arrives, A New Generation Waits To Depart

Cleared For Takeoff....

The Videos:

The taxi to the runway, including Water Cannon Salute (again, apologies for some shaking and the background construction noise):


The Takeoff: