Lufthansa has launched a pair of fare specials targeted specifically for US travelers for travel to Poland or Italy.

In my opinion the better of the 2 deals is for travel to Poland where fares start as low as $769 for travel between New York and Krakow.     The fares reach into the mid $1100’s if you are traveling from Lufthansa’s West Coast gateways or from Houston, otherwise most fares are sub $1000 making them fairly attractive.

The other part of the fare sale covers Italian destinations including cities such as Florence, Catania, Genoa, Pisa, Rome, Venice and others.   Fares for this sale range from the low $1100’s from East Coast gateways to the mid $1300’s if you are flying from the west coast.   Still attractive fares, but not as attractive as the fares to Poland.

Granted that Italy may be the better value since their is a bit more to see in Italy as a tourist than there may be in Poland, but a “miles earning” standpoint, Poland fares provide better from a “cents per mile” perspective if you’re into measuring that metric.

Late Summer/Early Fall is especially a great time to visit Poland or Italy(or Europe in general) because it is past the peak summer holiday travel season.    Travelers typically find great deals on hotels and travel during this time of year, not to mention the fantastic weather that exists in the early fall.   It’s personally my favorite time to travel to Europe. I’ve been to Rome, Capri, Venice, Sorrento and Naples in the fall and can tell you from first hand experience that the fall season is a great time to go.   It’s also when I do a majority of my travel to Slovakia when visiting family.   Less crowds, less hassles, less “weather”, BETTER DEALS!


Use this link to be taken to the POLAND FARE SALE.

Use this link to be taken to the ITALY FARE SALE.



The Terms and Conditions for BOTH Fare Sales are as follows:

 Tickets must be purchased by May 29, 2013

You must depart between August 25 and October 24, 2013

You must return between September 1 and November 24, 2013

Tickets must be purchased 7 days ahead of travel

Valid for travel on Lufthansa, Swiss, Austrian, Brussels, Air Canada or United  (I suggest using one of the first 4!)

Maximum stay of 30 days

Saturday night stay is required.

Weekend departure surcharges may apply.

Date changes are allowed:  $300 per change.


In addition to great fares to Poland and Italy, this sale extends to other destinations throughout Europe.   To learn more about these fares, please visit Lufthansa’s general fare sale webpage.