Earlier today, Lufthansa took official delivery of their newest 747-8i, D-ABYP, which also happens to be the 1500th 747 to come from Boeing.   Over the last 2 days, Boeing hosted an entourage of German media at Paine Field in Washington ahead of the delivery flight that took place today.

As part of the ceremonies, a special (albeit very small) graphic at the rear of the aircraft acknowledging the fact that this particular airplane is 747 #1500 was unveiled:


Courtesy:  Lufthansa

Courtesy: Lufthansa


Honestly, I am underwhelmed at the acknowledgement of #1500.  Considering the milestone I thought that there would be a more obvious distinction for this aircraft.  Photos are sparse at this point and apparently the majority of attendees were members of German media.   For some reason, Lufthansa USA was not invited to participate in the events in Seattle this weekend.  I’m not sure why this was the case, but it makes little sense to not involve the ‘local’ team.

Not that I matter as a ‘piece of media’ but I received no notification etc. at all from Lufthansa Germany.   The only info on the event that I received ironically came from the excluded Lufthansa USA team.   You would think they’d consider inviting one of their biggest fans to the event.  Oh well, it’s neither here nor there.

From the photos that I have seen that were taken by Boeing and German media, I was not impressed.  Hopefully additional (and better) photos will be published that capture the moment.

Honestly, I think it will be tough to beat the  shots that I took of D-ABYP last week in Seattle on a perfect day.    You can tell who used a cell phone and who used a real camera 😉 .


Anyhow, as of 10:43p Eastern, D-ABYP is approximately half way home: