Each week Lufthansa showcases a city in Europe for flyers to visit. Along with that focus they offer promotional airfares for travelers to visit that city. This week Lufthansa looks homeward and selects Berlin as this week’s destination of choice.

Berlin is one of those cities that has seen it all, especially in the 20th century, but has now transformed itself into a 21st century destination. After WWII, Berlin was essentially the “Capitol” of the cold war. The memories of that Era are everywhere. From Checkpoint Charlie and the remainder of the Berlin Wall, to antique Trabants that still “rattle” along the Straße.

What I like about Berlin is how the city has taken memories and reminders from its darkest hours, and transformed them into reasons to draw millions of visitors a year. Today, visitors can walk through and around the very sites and landmarks that were once off limits. Berlin has also emerged as a home to some of Europe’s best Museums, Restaurants and Night Life.

Berlin will be served by a new airport beginning in mid-2012 as construction on the new Berlin Brandenberg Airport nears completion on the site where the former Schönefeld airport had stood for decades. The airport is a state of the art project that will help Berlin draw substantial traffic through its gates. Lufthansa has been a key partner in making Brandenberg Airport a reality.

So if you’re thinking of visiting a Christmas Market (there’s still plenty of time), or seeing one of the most mysterious cities of the 20th century, choose Berlin. I think you’ll be surprised just what a great City it is!

Lufthansa is currently offering attractive fares from the US to Berlin. Here are some examples (Roundtrip airfare/including taxes):

New York $875.00
Atlanta $1001.00 (curious about the $1.00!)
Boston $940.00
Miami $875.00
Chicago $995.00
San Francisco $1045.00

Some of the flights may be codeshared with Air Canada or United/Continental

And of course, some of the terms of the fare:

Purchase your tickets by Nov 30, 2011 (Hurry!)
Depart by: Dec 14, 2011
Advance purchase: 7 days
Maximum stay: 3 months

For more information and additional fares: Please visit Lufthansa’s Destination Of the Week site.