This week, Lufthansa selects Chennai, India as it’s “Destination Of The Week”. A bit off of the beaten path in terms of places to visit, but a very interesting one nevertheless.

Chennai is India’s six largest city and is India’s Arts Capital. During the Winter, Chennai hosts its Winter Festival which focuses on Dance, Theatre and Film, drawing crowds from all over the world. Also during this time the Madras Music Festival is in full swing spanning 6 weeks in December and January.

In addition to its liberal arts, Chennai is a major Indian port city and is home to the world’s second longest beach. At 8 miles (13km) long, Marina Beach (which is on the Bay of Bengal) offers visitors plenty of sand that can be covered on long walks. Temperatures range from the high 60’s (20 C) to the low 80’s (28C). At this time of year rain is rare, so it makes for good beach going weather.

Lufthansa is currently offering very attractive fares to Chennai from the US that you can find HERE

Keep in mind the following fare rules:

Purchase your tickets by Jan 12, 2012
Depart between: Jan 12, 2012 – March 29, 2012
Advance purchase: 14 days
Maximum stay: 1 month