In this week’s edition of Lufthansa’s Destination Of The Week, they present Vienna, Austria (VIE). Vienna is a wonderfully classic European city.

From Lufthansa’s Destination Of The Week Website:

Visit Austria’s largest city and discover why Vienna is referred to as “The city of dreams”. Explore this magnificent city with its many facets. In Vienna, you can visit over 27 splendid castles and more than 150 historical palaces, such as the famous baroque Schoenburg and Belvedere palaces. Or get to know Vienna’s other side with its modern architecture and stylish clubs in the metropolis. Visit Vienna in all its variety for as low as $769* (roundtrip, all-inclusive).

Tax and Fee information:
*Round-trip including all taxes and fees. Weekend surcharges up to $60 and additional baggage fees may apply.

Purchase your tickets by Jan 11, 2012
Depart between: Jan 23, 2012 – March 22, 2012
Offer not valid for departures between Mar 30 – Apr 1, 2012 and Apr 6 – Apr 8, 2012
Advance purchase: 14 days
Maximum stay: 1 month

Airfares are attractive! Ranging from $769 from New York, $869 from Chicago to $919 from San Francisco.

I had spent time in Vienna last year as part of my trip to the World Hockey Championship that was hosted by Slovakia (We Slovaks didn’t too well as the host nation). What impressed me the most about Vienna was the amount of classic architecture that was evident throughout the city and the pristine conditions of their buildings.

From the airport, its a quick non-stop train ride to the city center. The terminal is literally steps outside the airport and in less than 30 minutes you are in the heart of Vienna. It makes for a very easy city to visit even if for a day or 2!

Once in the city, you’ll immediately be presented with everything Vienna has to offer. For starters (and lunch!) go discover fantastic food at the Naschmarkt. For you Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations” fans, he visited Urbanek’s for their famous Mangalista Ham. I followed in his footsteps and sampled it for myself and its worth the trip to Vienna just for Urbanek’s ham, cheeses and wines! If you are not a “foodie”, don’t worry, the sites around Vienna will make it worth your while. From towering Churches to ornate facades of buildings throughout the city, you will not be at a shortage of things to see.

If you are a shopper, head directly to Stephansplatz located in the heart of the city. You’ll find everything from Euro 50000 Swarovski Figurines, to fantastic street performers and shopping for virtually every budget.

Transportation within the city is very easy. Vienna has a very comprehensive bus and rail system (called the U-bahn) that will help you cover the city very quickly.

I wish I had more time to spend in Vienna, but knowing what I know now, it will be a very easy decision to return and sample more of what Vienna has to offer!

Here are a few of my pictures from Vienna:


Naschmarkt (including Urbanek’s):

Other General Pictures: