This Sunday, February 1, marks the first time that an A320 will fly under Lufthansa’s Eurowings LCC subsidiary.   The ‘inaugural’ flight will take place between Hamburg and Prague – departing Hamburg at 10:55a and arriving in Prague at 12:00p.  The aircraft will also sport Eurowing’s new livery.


D-AIZQ will be the first Eurowings A320 to enter service.

D-AIZQ will be the first Eurowings A320 to enter service (Photo: Lufthansa)


Eurowings is part of a larger program known as ‘WINGS’ which focuses on the ‘leisure’ travel market and competes directly with other LCCs within Europe such as Ryanair, Easyjet, and others.  The WINGS fleet serving Europe and nearby medium-haul destinations will be comprised of an A320 fleet.   The A320s will be replacing the 23 Canadair CRJ900s currently being used by Eurowings.  In all, 23 A320s will be in the fleet.  12 will be transferred from Lufthansa and 10 are on order from Airbus.

Plans call for all of Lufthansa’s LCCs including Germanwings to be consolidated into Eurowings, which will ultimately be Lufthansa’s only LCC division.   This realignment should be completed by the end of this year and will feature destinations worldwide.