Lufthansa is currently offering attractive First Class airfares from the USA to European destinations. The most attractive fare is for travel to London (Approx. $4900 from the east coast). However, in many instances the flights to or from London are operated by United. There are some limited options to fly Lufthansa First Class to London through Germany, but not many. So be careful if you decide to take advantage of the low London fare, make sure you’re aware of who is operating the flight!

Otherwise, most fares from the East Coast to Europe range from the mid-$6000 to mid-$7000 range. From the West Coast, most fares range from the low-$7000 to low-$8000 range.

Lufthansa’s First Class service is among the best among in the world, and it’s never a bad idea to experience it, especially when you can book a seat for 30-50% less than the normal first class fare. I’ve experienced their First Class product many times, and each time it’s been a wonderful experience. With the introduction of a “renovated” First Class cabin on most long haul aircraft, it only gets better! In addition to the great inflight experiences, Lufthansa also knows how to take care of their First Class passengers on the ground.

For more fare options and booking information, please visit Lufthansa’s First Class Fare Sale webpage.

Terms and Conditions for the Fare Sale:

Tickets must be purchased by December 7
You must depart between December 22 and January 4.
You must return between December 25 and January 8.
Advance Purchase Period: 28 days.
First Class seating available on Lufthansa, Swiss and United (You’ll see that Lufthansa says that First Class is available on Austrian and Air Canada but they do not offer a first class cabin, so keep that in mind when reviewing options).
Saturday night stay required.