It came to my attention recently that Lufthansa had digitized it’s in-flight magazine, aptly named ‘Magazin’. Its been in place for a few months, apparently out of my view. I figured that if I wasn’t aware of it, then there may be others that did not know either.

What I absolutely love about the Ipad edition is the exclusive content that you will not find in the print version on board. For example in the Ipad App version of the August 2011 issue, an A321 was featured with a multimedia review that covered all of her 167 flights during April. If you are a fan of Lufthansa, or airlines in general, I recommend you download the August 2011 Magazin and scroll through to this feature. This was enough to make me a subscriber!

The execution of the App is excellent. It allows you to download the months that you desire and keep it on your Ipad. Currently they offer the previous 12 months for download. In each edition they have short stories on unique places around the World along with other features. What you will not find is advertising, which makes for easy navigation through each issue. The articles are also accompanied with great photography to enjoy as you scroll through the pages.

You can download the app via the Apple App Store on iTunes. Its worth it.