As part of Lufthansa’s popular ‘#inspiredby’ campaign, they are sponsoring a very simple contest that will award a lucky winner a pair of Lufthansa tickets to anywhere that Lufthansa flies!

The premise behind the contest is to have you share your love of traveling and why a certain trip or destination has a special place in your heart and memories.  All you need to do is share a photo capturing a special moment in your travels along with a one or two sentence description as to why it is special to you.  That’s it.  Entry Complete!

All entries will be judged by Lufthansa, including Moritz Aust who was featured in one of Lufthansa’s several #inspiredby video vignettes:



There are several ways to enter:

  • Post you image to Instagram using the hashtag: #inspiredbythemoment.
  • Submit your photo via Twitter to @Lufthansa with the hashtag of #inspiredbythemoment.


Entries need to be submitted by April 4 in order to be eligible.   A winner will be selected on April 9 and will have 2 weeks to acknowledge the win.   Please click here to see additional terms and conditions.  It looks as though the contest is open to virtually everyone!


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