Each month Lufthansa updates the status of their Business Class retrofit progress across the long haul fleet.   As of the latest edition, 61 long haul aircraft (including the first 747-400) now offer the new Business Class seat.  This is up from 58 aircraft last month.


Here is the latest breakdown by Aircraft type and then by specific registration (the 3 new retrofits are BOLDED):


Airbus A330: D-AIKP, D-AIKQ, D-AIKR, D-AIKS  (These 4 planes were line-fit meaning that they were delivered by Airbus with the seats installed).     D-AIKB, D-AIKD, D-AIKE, D-AIKF,  D-AIKG, D-AIKH, D-AIKI, D-AIKK, D-AIKM, D-AIKN have all been retrofit by Lufthansa Technik.   74% of the A330 fleet is complete.

Airbus A340-300:  D-AIGM, D-AIGS, D-AIGO, D-AIGV, D-AIGT, D-AIGN, D-AIFE, D-AIGZ, D-AIFC, D-AIGX, D-AIGU, D-AIFF, D-AIGL, D-AIFD (All Retrofit).   77% of the A343 fleet is complete.

Airbus A340-600: D-AIHB, D-AIHE, D-AIHF, D-AIHK, D-AIHN, D-AIHQ, D-AIHR, D-AIHS, D-AIHV, D-AIHW (All Retrofit).  42% of the A346 fleet is complete.

 Airbus A380:  D-AIMK, D-AIML, D-AIMB, D-AIME, D-AIMJ, D-AIMC, D-AIMI.  MK and ML were line fit.  58% of the A380 fleet is complete

Boeing 747-8i:  All aircraft have the new Business Class (Installed by Boeing as the airplanes were being built).  100% of the 747-8i fleet is equipped with the new seat.

Boeing 747-400:  D-ABVW.   6% of the 744 fleet is complete.


If you have upcoming Business Class travel on Lufthansa, you can use this tool to determine if your flight will have an aircraft equipped with the new Business Class.