Each year Lufthansa creates a fantastic   ‘Special Edition’ of it’s Magazin App that focuses on their entire fleet of aircraft.   The 2013 edition is the best one yet, full of behind the scenes videos, insights, interviews, photos and details around every aircraft type that you’ll find in the Lufthansa fleet…..even the Junkers JU-52!

I spent quite a bit of time looking through most of the features this weekend and think it will be a favorite among Avgeeks.  Each aircraft type in the fleet is represented with a wide variety of information, video and photos.   Among my favorites in this version:


An interview with A380 Senior Officer Katharina Peter who takes you through an in-depth tour of the A380 cockpit.

A video of 2 Lufthansa Pilots/Instructors giving us a behind the scene look at a 747-8i Simulator in Frankfurt.  

An in-depth look into the cabin and cockpit of the Junkers JU-52 that Lufthansa maintains and shows off throughout Germany and the rest of Europe.

Photo galleries showing the assembly process of most of the aircraft types in the fleet.

360-degree panorama photos of flight decks and passenger cabins.


The Magazin app, which is published monthly and available in Apple’s iTunes Store typically features celebrity information and in depth articles and information on Lufthansa destinations worldwide.   For those of you who do not have access to the print version that you find on board or in lounge, the App serves as a great alternative.  In fact, it’s probably even better than the print version because of the videos and extra photography that is available in the app!

Once you install the base software that comes with the app, you’ll be able to download recent issues separately as well as the Special Fleet Edition.