On occasion Lufthansa will launch a weekend sale where they allocate a specific number of tickets at great discounts for travel within Europe.   The latest version of this sale starts this Friday and lasts only until Sunday.    The sale covers departures from October to December while return trips need to take place between October 2, 2014 and March 31, 2015.  Since the fare sale is not yet loaded into the system, I have no way of knowing if the Christmas Holiday period is blacked out from this fare sale but I assume that it will be.

The fares run anywhere from €99 to €139 but the majority that I’ve seen have been on the lower end of this range.   As far as T&Cs are concerned, the minimum stay is 1 night for intra-Germany travel.  If traveling between European countries,  either a minimum of a 3 day stay is required OR a Friday night OR a Saturday night stay instead.   These rules make it easy to take advantage of the fares for a great weekend away from home!

As I mentioned earlier, I don’t BELIEVE that these fares have been loaded into the system yet, but please start checking the LH website prior to the sale in the event that the fares are discounted ahead of the start date on Friday.