Lufthansa has had quite a year as far as earning awards for it’s First Class Services is concerned and it looks like more room is needed in the trophy case….

Earlier this year the First Class Lounges and Terminal earned the Skytrax 5-Star Award for best-in-class premium lounges as well as the International 5-Star American Academy of Hospitality Sciences (AAHS) Award for  in-flight First Class product,  the First Class Terminal in Frankfurt and for the First Class Lounge at New York’s JFK Airport.

This time, the AAHS has awarded Lufthansa’s First Class Lounge in Munich it’s coveted International 5-Star Award.   The Lounge, a unique 2-story facility has a slightly different feel from the lounges in Frankfurt thanks to the Bavarian atmosphere/attitude that you would observe while visiting the lounge.   There has always been a friendly and healthy competition between the Frankfurt and Munich First Class Services teams and it’s nice to see everyone being recognized for their efforts.

The facility in Munich is unique in that it has it’s own dedicated passport control officer within the lounge so arriving passengers do not have to go through passport control along with everyone else arriving in Munich.   First Class passengers simply head to the Lounge and are taken care of there.   Additionally, passengers whose connecting flights depart from remote gates are chauffeured to their aircraft in a private vehicle, again avoiding long queues at gates and bus rides associated with remote gate departures.

Additionally, the lounge has a fantastic bar, a dedicated cigar room and dining area along with shower facilities.  To further distinguish themselves, the Munich First Class Lounge even has a different variety of ducks than their peers in Frankfurt.   After all isn’t the duck the most important part of the lounge experience? 🙂


The exclusive Bavarian Ducks only available in Munich are proud to accept the award.....

The exclusive Bavarian Ducks, only available in Munich during Oktoberfest, are proud to accept the award…..