When the Lufthansa Group Supervisory Committee meets next Wednesday, there may be discussions and proposals surrounding the launch of a new low cost carrier (LCC) from the airline. Currently “germanwings” is considered the unofficial ‘LCC’ of Lufthansa but there have been conversations that have come and gone over the last year or so that may finally lead to an “official” LCC brand within the Lufthansa Group.

According to the story that I first saw on Reuters this morning, no decisions are expected during the meeting but we may learn about a blue print that may be in development.

Back in April I had originally written about plans for “Direct 4 You” which involved the potential of Lufthansa converting “germanwings” and “Eurowings” into a new LCC. Eurowings is a subsidiary within Lufthansa’s Regional Division.

At a time when Lufthansa sees continued pressure from LCC’s on intra-european routes, it may be coming close to deciding on how it will compete effectively for that space in the European market.