A few days ago, Lufthansa launched a new App (available for Apple only) for Miles & More members. The new App gives users access to their account (mile balances, status level, privileges, etc.), news from Miles & More, a handy Lounge Finder for lounges worldwide (including eligible partner lounges based on status and fare) and a Shop Finder which lets you find retailers near your location who you can earn miles with.

Additionally, Lufthansa’s MemberScout community is integrated into this App as well. For those of you not familiar with Memberscout, it offers Miles & More members a conduit whereby members can communicate with one another. For example, if I am traveling to Nuremberg, and have a question about most anything as it relates to Nuremberg, I can use MemberScout to find Miles & More members living in Nuremberg and ask them my question. Its a great way to find localized information quickly and efficiently.
There is also a Map function that lets you see Miles & More “MemberScouts” that are near you (your device needs to have location services enabled).

Screen Images for the App (courtesy of Lufthansa):

The Miles & More Home Screen:

Miles & More Account Information:

Shop Finder (For shops where you can earn Miles & More miles):

MemberScout Home Screen:

MemberScout “Ask Scouts” Screen: