Thanks to the success of Lufthansa’s “SceneSpotter”, their social media team has decided to expand the project to now include cities from the United States and Asia. In the coming weeks Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Seoul will be added to represent Asia while New York, San Francisco and New Orleans will be added to represent the USA. As SceneSpotter grows, expect to see more cities added to the App.

For those of you not familiar with “SceneSpotter”, it’s a Facebook driven App that allows users to share and receive recommendations for their great places to visit when in a particular city. SceneSpotter encourages people to share favorite restaurants, shopping opportunities, cultural places of interest, family friendly activities, green-space and lodging suggestions.

What I really like about SceneSpotter is that it is not necessarily designed to cover the popular places for a given city. The strength and value of SceneSpotter is to provide you with places to experience that are off the beaten path and places not readily found in a tourist guide. After all, when visiting a new city for the first time, what fun is to go to places surrounded people from your home country, speaking your language? The beauty of travel is to discover the new and unique things, especially when they’re not spoiled by “tourist abuse”.

When SceneSpotter first rolled out, I was part of the Beta Testing team while we were building “content” for European cities. I’m really excited that the project has earned the ability to be expanded and I’m especially pleased that US cities are being introduced for the first time.

I’ve been working with Lufthansa’s Social Media team in building initial content for the rollout of the new cities and want to thank’s Pat89339 for providing fantastic suggestions for San Francisco and Michael W. of “MichaelWTravels” for providing great ideas for New York City. Their contributions will really help the US cities get off to a fast start with their great recommendations.

As you read this, and have recommendations that you would like to share for Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul, Bangkok, New York, San Francisco and New Orleans, I ask that you PLEASE share them with me and I can forward the information to the programmers responsible for SceneSpotter. Ideally, we’re looking for ideas that are a bit off the “beaten path” and are favorites of your’s. If you’d like to share these places, please email them to me at and I’ll make sure they are added to the database of user recommendations. All I need is the name of the place and an address (if you have it) and a few words about why you’re recommending it.

If you have yet to experience SceneSpotter for yourself, I strongly encourage you to visit the SceneSpotter Page on Facebook and try it for yourself. It’s truly a great interactive tool that I think will help you as you plan your travels or if you want to leave your recommendations for others.

To learn more about SceneSpotter (including step by step directions in using it), you can read my post on it when it was first launched in July of this year.

If you have any questions or other comments regarding SceneSpotter, please email them to me or leave them in the comments section for this post and I’ll make sure that the Lufthansa Social Media Team receives them.