Lufthansa has launched its specials to Europe for Ski Season. Depending where you live, it actually is not that much further to go and Ski in Europe than some US based Ski destinations. Plus you get to tell your friends that you went Skiing at places like Kitzbuhel or Zermatt instead of your normal state side Ski Resorts. Not to mention the opportunity to take in the ambience and hospitality of a classic Alpen Village in Switzerland, Austria or Northern Italy. Wish I was a skier, because I’m sort of talking myself into flying to see the Alps in the Winter.

The fares are attractive. An example fare of Charlotte (CLT) to Zurich comes in at $775 (Round Trip / Inclusive of Taxes). Newark (EWR) to Vienna (VIE), is about $875 for mid January departures and 5-7 day stays. has a nice page that lists the various Ski Resorts near destinations that they serve. You can visit the site FROM THIS LINK and see where Lufthansa can take you this Winter.

One important hint: If you book a trip that will involve taking your own Ski Equipment, please call Lufthansa’s Reservation Line within 24 hours of booking your trip. Lufthansa asks that you let them know if you are traveling with Skis so that they can reserve space for your oversized ski luggage on your flights, especially on the smaller regional aircraft that fly to the Ski destinations.