Despite the VC Union’s best efforts, they can’t seem to ground the entire Long Haul fleet as they had wished to for tomorrow.  Instead, a group of Lufthansa pilots who ‘get it’, stepped up and volunteered to fly the ‘Heavies’ and save more than half the flights.

Initially, the threat was that all long haul flights scheduled to depart Frankfurt tomorrow between 8a and 11p CEST would be grounded.    Had that been the case 57 flights would have been cancelled.  Instead, thanks to the volunteer pilots, 32 long haul flights will take place taking the sting out of the Union’s best efforts to paralyze LH tomorrow.

Earlier today, LH posted a listing of the flights that ARE canceled for today and tomorrow.  You can find the latest info by clicking this link which will take you to Lufthansa’s website and directly to the cancelled flight page.