Lufthansa has announced a contest awarding the winner 2 tickets for the inaugural flight on Lufthansa’s new 747-8i. As it stands, delivery is slated for April, with passenger service beginning in May or June. Route details have not yet been announced, but early rumors suggest either a Frankfurt-India or Frankfurt-USA “East Coast” route.

My sentinmental favorite would be JFK in New York since that is where Lufthansa’s first ever 747 flew when it entered service on April 26, 1970. Their first 747 was registered as D-ABYA and guess what, Lufthansa’s first 747-8i is going to carry the same registration, making it a perfect opportunity for Lufthansa to celebrate the milestone almost 42 years to the day and fly the same route.

Beginning March 22, you can enter to win 2 tickets to be on that first 747-8i flight, no matter where Lufthansa decides to send it. Details will be forthcoming from Lufthansa in the coming days but in the mean time here is the link that will take you to Lufthansa’s site for the contest. You’ll be able to enter your email address and receive a reminder from Lufthansa when the contest officially opens.

I “kind of” wish you good luck, only because my entry will be in the pile along with all of your entries!!