‘Meilenschnäeppchen’ or ‘Mileage Bargains’ is a monthly promotion offered by Miles & More that typically discounts award travel by 50%.   What is normally a 105,000 mile redemption for a Business Class seat becomes 55,000 miles and a 60,000 mile Economy Class ticket becomes only 30,000 miles!   It’s one of the best redemption deals out there for travel between the USA and Europe.

For the month of April, there are nearly 150 destinations available from the US to Lufthansa destinations throughout Europe, Russia and the Mideast with 2 sets of eligible travel dates.   One set requires travel to take place between April 8 through mid-May/early June while the second set of options cover travel from August 1 to August 30.   The current month’s offerings will expire on April 30, but book sooner than later since these bargains are limited.  The sooner you book, the better the chances of you finding the seats.

When you visit the ‘Meilen Schnaeppchen’ website, you’ll see that there is a drop down menu in the top right corner that lets you select country of origin for your travels.   You’ll literally have 1000’s of possible combinations to choose from.  For example, there are many ‘germanwings’ options for travel within Europe for only 10,000 miles!

If you find yourself short of miles, with no imminent travel plans that would earn miles,  you may want to consider applying for the Premier Miles & More World MasterCard so that you can take advantage of future Miles & More deals thanks to the bonus miles you would earn with the card.   With the current offer, new cardholders will earn 20,000 miles after an initial purchase and an additional 15,000 miles if a balance is transferred from another card.

Additional perks include a FREE companion ticket after an initial purchase with the card and on each account anniversary date thereafter and there are NO FOREIGN TRANSACTION FEES for using the card abroad.  You’ll earn 2 miles per dollar spent booking travel on a Miles & More partner airline and 1 mile per dollar spent on all other purchases.   The annual fee is waived if you are a Senator or HON level elite. 


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