Mileage Plus has launched a quick, 24 hour ‘Cyber Tuesday’ deal for miles for their members.

Until midnight tonight, anyone that buys at least 20,000 miles for their Mileage Plus account will be credited with a 100% bonus.   Usually the 100% bonus is reserved for higher amounts, but not in this case.

At the 20,000 mile threshold, it will cost $700.00 for the miles.   With the 100% credit, you’ll wind up paying only 1.75 cents per mile.   The cost per mile stays the same once you are at the 20k breakpoint.    There are no further CPM discounts for higher mile amounts.

If you buy between 5000 and 9000 miles, you’ll get a 40% bonus, and if you buy between 10,000 and 19,000 miles you’ll get a 60% bonus.

Remember, the deal ends tonight at midnight.