In this installment of my Trip Report covering my Mileage Run to Hong Kong, I’ll cover my trip to the Peak. The Peak is arguably one of Hong Kong’s greatest attractions. Located to the south of the city, The Peak towers over the skyscrapers and skyline that make up Hong Kong. From the peak, the view is simply amazing. I was fortunate enough to have a very clear day to capture some great photos.

The Peak Tram is the most popular way to reach the Peak. The tram departs from a Terminus in the City and heads to The Peak Tower at the top of the Peak. I decided to head out early in the morning because I had a busy day planned. Between seeing other sites, getting measured for shirts and suits and getting a little shopping done, time was at a premium. I headed out from my hotel, The Grand Hyatt Hong Kong (click here to read my review and see my sweet suite!) at about 6:45am and after a 5-10 minute cab ride I arrived a the Peak Terminus Station. The first tram to the Peak leaves at 7am at runs every 10 minutes or so until Midnight each day. I figured if I was early enough I would avoid the crowds that gather to take in the phenomenal views.

The most popular time to visit is later afternoon and into the evening since thats when Hong Kong’s skyline is the most dramatic. If you haven’t seen my sunset and evening Skyline photos, click here, and it will take you to my trip report that has some great pictures.

Since I was in Hong Kong for only one full evening, I had to decide between being on the Peak in the evening, or seeing Hong Kong’s skyline from the Kowloon side of the Harbour at night. Personally I thought that the Kowloon side view offered the more dramatic scene in the evening so the trip to the Peak became a daytime trek.

The Peak Terminus Station is also home to The Peak Tram Historical Gallery which offered displays and information on the history of the Tram to the Peak. In the interest of time, I decided to pass the opportunity to visit the gallery and headed straight to the top. If you’d like to learn more about the history of the Peak Tram, you can visit The Peak Tram Website

The tram ride is a quick 10 minute ride and is STEEP. You can definitely feel gravity pulling at you as you sit on the tram. The roundtrip cost of the tram is $400.0HKD or approximately $5.00. For $65.00HKD ($8.30USD) you can include both the round trip Tram ride and access to Sky Terrace 428 which is an observation deck on top of the Peak Terminal. The Sky Terrace 428 is a 360′ platform so you have views from the other side of the peak as well. I opted for the Sky Terrace ticket since it would maximize my view. The Peak Tram Terminal at the top of the Peak is also home to many shops and Hong Kong’s edition of Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum.

In addition, The Peak offers several walking paths that wind their way around the peak, giving you even more views of Hong Kong and Kowloon.

Here are my pictures from my visit to the Peak:

Entrance to The Peak Terminus

Inside The Tram Terminal

Tram Entryway Into Terminal

A PreVIEW of What You Will See......

Arriving Tram and Unsuspecting Victim of My Photo......

The Hong Kong Lion's Club "Temple" is an Observation Deck

View From The Lions Club Observation Platform

Another View From The Observation Platform. A Little Hazy This Morning

Images from the Nature Trails:

These Pictures Were Taken From The Observation Platform On Top Of Sky Terrace 428:

You Can See The Watercraft Typhoon Shelter Here

The Peak was worth the visit. As you can see from the photos, The peak towers over even the highest skyscrapers in Hong Kong. From The Peak, you could see for miles, you also get a glimpse of the remnants of Hong Kong’s infamous old Airport, Kai Tak. It was a bit to far for a photo to show it well, but you can definitely tell where it was.

As I mentioned earlier, the best time to be there is late afternoon and into the evening when the buildings are lit. but keep in mind it is also the most popular time of day so expect crowds to be significant.