Miles & More has begun to unveil what some of the changes will be to the program beginning later this year.    So far, it’s nothing to panic about and actually may be acceptable to most.

In the first phase, M&M is focusing on Intra-Europe award travel.   Specifically, it appears that ticket surcharges will decrease substantially and the amount of miles required to redeem a ticket will go up modestly.

Beginning with bookings made on September 15, 2016 or later, ‘Intra-Europe’ redemption surcharges will decrease from €40 to only €5 for Economy Class and for Business Class the fee will go down from €43 to €20.   This will apply to flights operated by LH Group Airlines.     As far as miles are concerned, Economy and Business Class ticket redemptions will increase by 5000 miles (roundtrip booking).

In reality this is a fairly ‘passenger friendly’ deal.   I’m sure most of us would be willing to spend 5k more miles instead of €20 to €35 more in fees.  For you dissenters, keep in mind it could have been much worse!

Expect changes to be announced for Intercontinental travel in the near future.

H/T:  VFT’s Miles & More Forum