Most of you have probably come across this opportunity, but for those of you who have not, here is a way to add 100 miles to you Miles & More balance for each of your Hotel stays.

I’m referring to the relationship that Miles & More has with, a German-based hotel and travel review website.    By simply visiting their website and spending no more than 5 minutes reviewing a hotel, you’ll earn 100 miles.

The website lets you add your review for any stay that you have had in the past 25 months and is based on the honor system in that there is no verification made regarding your stay.   The website simple reviews your review to make sure that it meets their criteria for being informative and complete.

The process is fairly easy.  Once you set up your online profile with HolidayCheck, all you need to do is go to their Hotel Review page, search for your hotel, and provide your ratings and comments.  You’ll have the option to provide either a brief review or one with more details.   Once complete, you enter your Miles & More number and once approved, your miles are credited within 2 weeks.

Considering most hotel stays offer only miles based on dollars spent or flat rate per stay, using this program can increase your actual miles earned from hotel stays by upwards of 30-100%.

A word of advice:  I would not attempt to create a bunch of fictitious stays just to run up your miles balances.   If they catch on to a pattern that suggests fraud, it can result in your account being closed and it could ruin the program for everyone.


A few caveats about the program:

You are limited to 10 hotel reviews a month, so basically if you have 120 hotel stays to review, you’ll earn 12,000 miles each year.  When I do the miles per minute calculation (assuming 5 minutes per review), you will earn about 20 miles per minute spent providing your feedback.  I’m not sure there are many of us that could claim 120 hotel stays in a year, but this the limitation of the program.

You’ll notice that the website is in German so you may want to enable your browser to automatically translate the webpage for you if German is not your forte.

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