Reuters reported today that 2 more A380s are suffering with cracks in their wings.

According to the story, it’s been determined that the cracks are on non critical brackets inside the wing structure. These brackets connect the wing’s exterior to the ribs inside the wing assembly (that’s non critical??). I’m no Aeronautic engineer, but that part sounds important.

The cracks were discovered during a routine inspection that is conducted every 2 years.

The European Aviation Safety Authority (EASA) plans to issue a safety bulletin on Friday to operators of the A380.

An Airbus spokesperson declined to identify who the owners are of these A380s.

I love how the Airbus engineers state that the cracks were on non critical brackets. As a passenger, I don’t find it more comforting that the crack “isn’t important”. Especially when its found on the structure that helps keep the plane in the air!!