Lufthansa has unveiled the first Eurowings A330 (D-AXGA) in the new Eurowings livery this week.   The plane had been flown to Taiwan where it was painted last week and is now enroute to LH Technik in Hamburg to have its cabin installed.     For those of you in and near Hamburg, the aircraft is set to arrive at 19:00 tonight (July 1, 2015).

Eurowings' newly painted courtesy of Lufthansa.

Eurowings’ newly painted A330… courtesy of Lufthansa.


A second A330 is expected to be repainted and retrofit in the next 2 weeks.

Eurowings is set to launch their long haul service on November 15 when it starts flying from Cologne to a variety of destinations in the Carribean, Thailand, and Dubai.  However, the 2 A330s that will be in the Eurowings fleet will fly routes within Europe beginning November 2 before transitioning to long haul service on the 15th.