Thanks to Flyertalk’s Oliver2002 for combining all of the separate contest posts into dedicated threads so that it is easy for everyone to keep track of. If you are familiar with the Miles & More thread on FT, you’ll know that there is one section for Lufthansa, Austrian, Brussels and germanwings and a separate section for Swiss.

I had the idea to create these dedicated threads so that we can have a ‘one-stop’ source that will consolidate all of the various opportunities that exist to win travel on Lufthansa Group airlines. I like to think that I keep pretty good tabs on what’s happening, but I know there are a lot opportunities that I miss. Also, I tend to only track events, contests and news coming directly from the airlines however there are a lot of contests that come from different sources such as hotels, travel boards, etc. etc. etc. Having these threads set up will hopefully cast a wide net and provide even more opportunities for you to win free travel on a great group of airlines.

Use this link to access the dedicated contest thread for Lufthansa, Austrian, Brussels and germanwings.

Use this link to access the dedicated contest thread for Swiss.

One piece of advice: When you log in to FT and access these threads, make sure to subscribe to the thread notification option so that you can get an email when someone adds something to the thread. This way you’ll get the latest information on the newest contests.