PilotsEye.tv has available 2 documentaries covering a SWISS A330 flight between Zurich and Miami, and a roundtrip of a Lufthansa A380 between Frankfurt and San Francisco.

The SWISS A330 video released just in the past few weeks, provides over 2 hours of coverage including preflight and cockpit footage as well as footage from the Miami area including a visit to the SWISS Air Academy.   Highlights of the video include a distress call from a nearby Delta aircraft, Thunderstorm departure and a look at ETOPS planning for flights over water.  Here’s a teaser:


In addition to the video, PilotsEye.tv offers a Flight briefing document that covers the flight and provides all the details including the flight plan, copies of the documents used by the crew for the flight, and other interesting facts from the flight.  The video is available in DVD formats or as ‘Video On Demand’ via the PilotsEye.tv site.

A380 To SFO….

In their other ‘LH Group’ inspired release,  they cover a Lufthansa flight between Frankfurt and San Francisco aboard a Lufthansa A380.   One of the highlights of this edition is the retirement of Jürgen Raps, one of LH’s most senior captains.  Other features of this video include highlights from the crew break in San Francisco including a cruise beneath the Golden Gate as well as flight planning to avoid an angry volcano which led to a rare view of Greenland.

This video also covers the return flight of the A380 since it is the Captain’s last flight.  Since it was his ‘retirement flight’ the aircraft was greeted with a Water Cannon salute upon arrival in Frankfurt.  Like the SWISS video, this also has a comprehensive Flight Briefing document that provides a great detail of information regarding the flight.  The video is available on DVD formats as well or as ‘Video On Demand’ from the PilotsEYE.tv website.

In addition to these LH Group features, they also documented the delivery flight of a Lufthansa Cargo 777F back in 2015.  I’m kind of partial to this one because they used some of my footage in their documentary: