This post is not by any stretch intended to address the breaking news or stir panic regarding a NY City Doctor who has tested positive for Ebola tonight, October 23 other than to alert passengers who may have been on his flight.

This is simply to bring attention to anyone who was aboard BRUSSELS AIRLINES flight 501 from Brussels, Belgium to New York JFK on October 17 that there may have been the minute potential for exposure to the virus.   According to this ABC story, sources have confirmed that he was aboard this specific flight.

It appears to be difficult to contract the virus but please be wary of any symptoms over the next few days.

Apparently this doctor had connected to his flight after arriving in Brussels on October 16 from Guinea.  It’s not clear if he flew Brussels from Guinea to Brussels BUT it seems highly likely since Brussels flies from Conarky, Guinea to Brussels, Belgium.

The CDC (Center For Disease Control) has not issued any alerts to Brussels Airlines or their passengers that were aboard this flight.