In a few hours I’ll be off to MUC for what promises to be a very A350-centric week.

After clearing the hurdle of an 11 hour layover in Chicago, I’ll head to Munich where a week-long list of Lufthansa related business and activities awaits.

The week will peak with the special ‘Roll In’ event scheduled for February 2 during which the first handful of ‘civilians’ will be able to step aboard the A350 before she enters service the following week.   The invitation-only event will take place inside a hangar at the airport and if it’s anything like the 747-8i ‘Roll In’ event held in 2012 in Frankfurt, it promises to be a great evening.    Expect to see several posts covering that event both here and on LH’s social media outlets.

Of course, no trip to Munich is complete without plane spotting from within and around MUC, so expect to see a handful of spotting posts from a variety of different perspectives from around the airport.

Hopefully I’ll be allowed back into the US a week from now.   😉