Soon after dinner this evening, I settled in to catch up on e-mail, work, client portfolio reviews, etc. etc…. All of a sudden, literally out of the clear blue, A HUGE CLAP of thunder shook our home and distracted me from my friday night to-do list. I figured that it was probably a typical thunderstorm that we’re known for in Michigan, especially when the last few days have reached into the high 70’s and low 80’s and it feels more like June than March. I’ve even gotten rounds of golf in, which is unheard of for the Michigan tundra during March!

I went outside to see if there was in fact a storm blowing in and also because I enjoy the breeze right before a GOOD Thunderstorm kicks off it’s light show. Tonight was a little different. The storm didn’t blow in, instead it took shape right over our home and provided a great show for at least 30 minutes before moving on. The way the clouds began to build and rotate, along with the cast of setting sunlight, it certainly looked as if the skies were going to open and an ancient Mayan spacecraft would swoop in and deliver on their promise that some feel is spelled out in their calendar. Fortunately or not, that was not the case this evening. However I had a front row seat to the most spectacular skies that I have ever experienced. With trusty DSLR in hand, I was able to take about 500 pictures with the hope a few would turn out well. Below are some of my favorites that I have filtered out.

One note, none of these are retouched. I imported them, resized them and converted them to .jpeg files. It’s amazing what happens when you find a perfect confluence of clouds, sky and sunlight!!