Now that I’ve been home for a couple of weeks after returning from Singapore, I’ve repacked and later this week its off on Lufthansa to Europe to visit family and friends in Slovakia as well as a visit to my friends at Lufthansa in Frankfurt.

I’ve been looking forward to this trip for some time because it gives me another opportunity to visit my 99 year old grandmother who still takes care of her small farm in northern Slovakia. In addition, there will be a few days spent in Bratislava with cousins which will include seeing KHL powerhouses Slovan Bratislava and Moscow Dynamo face off against each other. I’ll finally get my fix for hockey this year since the NHL decided to lock out players so far this season.

From there I’ll fly SWISS from Vienna to Frankfurt via Zurich. I specifically chose this “scenic route” instead of a more convenient non-stop to Frankfurt just so that I can fly on an AVRO RJ100 “Jumbolino” from Zurich to Frankfurt. Earlier this year Lufthansa retired their last Jumbolino, and SWISS has plans to to the same, so I figured time was running out for experiencing this slick little jet.

Looking forward to my first ride on the "Jumbolino"

In Frankfurt I have a busy 3 days full of Lufthansa related activities at the airport which I’m really looking forward to. No doubt that I’ll return with hundreds, if not a thousand or more photos of what I see while in Frankfurt. I’ll also have a chance to experience first hand the new Terminal Pier A+ that has opened in Frankfurt. No doubt that I’ll return with plenty of things to talk about and share for days and days! 🙂