I was in Hong Kong this past weekend and of course anytime that I am there I make time to watch airliners come and go. This time I went off the beaten path a bit and found a good spot just behind the CASL and HAECO aircraft maintenance facilities. This spot gave me a great vantage point for Runway 7L and 7R arrivals. 7L is used primarily for Passenger arrivals and 7R is used primarily for Cargo arrivals. I spent about 3 hours at this position and was able to catch the Canadian Prime Minister’s A310 arrive for an official visit as well as a newly unveiled promo livery by China Eastern as it advertises the Xinhaunet.com news website.

This is part 1 of 3 from this location as I had captured dozens upon dozens of arrivals. Conditions were hazy, hence the gray backdrop for most of the photos but that is not unusual for Hong Kong at this time of year. In upcoming posts over the next few days I’ll have additional pictures from this spot along with photos from the SkyDeck Observation area located on top of Terminal 2.

Cathay Pacific 747 Freighter

EVA Air 777

Juneyao Airlines A320

Aeroflot A330

AirAsia's A320

Asiana's A330

China Airlines A330

China Airlines 747-400

China Airlines 737-800

China Eastern A320

China Southern 737-300

China Eastern A330 with new Xinhuanet.com livery

Cathay Pacific A330

Cathay Pacific 777

This next one is one of my favorites. It’s an A300 flying under an Air HongKong Cargo / DHL joint venture livery. Along the way it must have gotten it’s nose cone damaged as it’s wearing a replacement from Cathay Pacific. I actually like this look, it gives the aircraft a bit of a beak.

Air Hong Kong Cargo / DHL A300

This is the Canadian Air Force Airbus A310 that the Canadian Prime Minister was on board during his tour of Asia. In this photo he is arriving from Manila to take part in Remembrance Day activities that celebrate the cessation of hostilities at the end of World War II.

Canada's Air Force A310