This is my second installment from my time spent plane spotting in Hong Kong last week. If you missed Part One, you can see it HERE.

Cathay Pacific’s Airbus A330:

Air Macau’s Airbus A321:

Cathay Pacific’s Boeing 747F (Freighter):

Hong Kong Airline’s Airbus A330:

United’s Boeing 747:

Thai’s Boeing 747:

Singapore’s Airbus A330:

Shenzen’s Airbus A320:

Korean’s Boeing 747:

Polar’s Boeing 747 Freighter:

South African’s Airbus A340:

The following pictures were taken from the SkyDeck Observation Area located in Terminal 2, next to the IMAX theater. You’ll notice a bit of grain to these photos. It was later in the afternoon with very hazy and foggy conditions and not many pictures made the cut to be posted. It was a challenge to say the least!

DragonAir’s Airbus A330 Special 20th Anniversary Livery:

ANA’s Boeing 767:

Cathay Pacific’s Airbus A340:

Ethiopian’s MD-11F (Freighter):

Cathay Pacific’s Boeing 747-8F Freighter:

The next 2 were a couple of bonuses. The first one is a Cathay Pacific 747-400 parked just inside the fence near the Maintenance Facilities, near the “HAECO” bus stop for the S52 line.

The second one is one I captured from the bus going back to Tung Chung after my plane spotting session. It’s a classic DC-3 in historic Cathay Pacific livery parked in “Cathay City” at the airport.