‘Ban’ seems to be a very popular word lately…….

It appears that in the coming weeks, certain policies will be reversed that had allowed Americans to travel to Cuba.

The US State Department is reviewing the depth of the changes and the timing of enacting them.   The biggest impact as far as I’m concerned will be the return of the travel ban that kept Americans from traveling to Cuba.    Even though the current policy requires us to align with one of 12 reasons for traveling to Cuba, it is fairly easy to qualify for permission.  That is about to change if the old rules are put back in place.

According to Washington, it appears that the reconsideration of our policies towards Cuba stem from Cuba’s lack of progress on human rights and the fact that a ‘Castro’ is still in power.

So if you have dreams of sipping Havana Club’s 15 year old Rum while drawing on a Cohiba as you watch the wonderful classic cars of the 50’s parade around Havana, you better get there, and fast!

Based on what I read, it appears that it will be only a matter of weeks before changes will take place.

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