Just a reminder amid all of this strike talk…..

United’s MileagePlus sale ends on Monday, March 23.   This sale discounts mile purchases by up to 50% which is a fairly attractive deal especially if you want to redeem ‘MP’ miles for travel on Lufthansa, SWISS, Brussels or Austrian!

With last year’s devaluation it now take more miles to redeem for travel on LH group airlines but a sale like this is a great equalizer.  In fact, I loaded up during this sale because my MileagePlus account qualified for a 50% discount.

Apparently the amount of the discount can vary between 25 and 50% but most offers that I’ve seen for others that I’ve helped during this sale have yielded a 40 or 50% discount.  You are allowed to buy up to 150,000 miles.   Also, please be aware that these are ‘Award Miles’ and do not count towards status or spending levels.

Remember, the sale ends in 2 days. If you are short a few miles for an award redemption a deal like this is about as good as you’ll find so take advantage while you can and enjoy your LH group flights 🙂 !