Entering into day 4 of the pilot union strike, Lufthansa expects to have minimal impact from cancelled flights for Saturday, Nomvember 26.

As it stands, Lufthansa expects to only have to cancel 137 flights, however 88 of them are long-haul flights.    The union had called for short haul strikes today (Friday Nov. 25), and long haul strikes for the 26th, thus the large percentage of long haul cancellations.  Considering that LH operates over 3000 flights a day, Saturday should allow most passengers to get to their destinations.

Even though only 137 flights will be affected, it still translates in thousands of passengers that will be inconvenienced.   If you are traveling on a long haul flight on Saturday, please use this link to check on the status of your flight.    When I looked at the US cancelled list, several flights were shown as still being scheduled, so there is hope if you are traveling between Germany and the US on Saturday.

If your flight is impacted, you can call your LH reservation center or rebook via LH.com.   Simply pull up your booking, and if your flight is affect, the website will show you your options.

To get the most up-to-date information as far as the strike is concerned, I suggest you follow @LufthansaNews on twitter.  They’ve been by far the best source for timely strike related information.